Why the EqualEngineers Academy?

  • Learn

    Immerse yourself within comprehensive training to upskill you on all areas in relation to diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • Improve

    Establish a baseline understanding on diversity, equality and inclusion and apply it to your own experiences and your professional practice.

  • Succeed

    Increase your knowledge and understanding and develop yourself personally and professionally. Gain new skills to thrive in the workplace.

Who are we?

Mark McBride-Wright

Mark is the founder and managing director of EqualEngineers. As a chartered chemical engineer he specialised in health and safety, with experience in oil and gas, government services and defence throughout his career. Mark is a recognised leader in diversity and inclusion in the engineering and construction industry. There are many parallels embedding an inclusive corporate culture and the intersection between health & safety and diversity & inclusion. The development of the EqualEngineers Academy is Mark’s next step in helping to improve the diversity and inclusion of the workforce within the engineering and technology industry. The online training provides a flexible learning experience, without losing the value from Mark’s many years of expertise.